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Alexandra is one of Canada’s most sought-after speakers. For almost a decade now, she has inspired and empowered audiences across North America, South America and Europe. She’s become a respected thought leader and expert in the English, French and Spanish online marketing and personal development industries.

Her speeches are highly empowering, motivating, and most importantly, educational. Alexandra doesn’t just “give speeches”, she tailors unforgettable experiences for her audience.

She uses moving personal stories, interactive exercises, surprising and eye opening research, as well as powerful NLP and coaching tools to trigger massive and positive transformations in the minds and hearts of her audience.

Expect major a-ha moments, crazy laughter, some tears and a notepad filled with life-changing tips and strategies to take your life and/or business to the next level. Participants will leave inspired and motivated, ready to take serious action and begging for more.

Alexandra is hired to design and deliver:

  • Opening keynotes that kick off your event with a blast of positive energy, passion and excitement.

  • Powerful and informative conferences that will teach your leaders how to raise up their professional game.

  • Tailored workshops or educational talks to your school or organization that will ignite a fire of passion in the hearts of the audience.

From rooms full of passionate entrepreneurs, to university or college arenas filled with students or graduates, to festivals jam packed with people looking for some inspiration and motivation, every audience will learn, benefit and grow from Alexandra’s message.

Below are some topics Alexandra has delivered over the years. Please, fill out this form to receive more information and full outlines of the speeches. Alexandra can also create and customize a speech that will suit your audience and needs.

FULL FEMININE POWER NOW – Our HERstory and Our Future

An eye-opening, empowering and revolutionary talk about the untold history of women, our place in today’s society and where we’re headed politically, professionally, spiritually and personally.

Using many archaeological and anthropological findings as reference, Alexandra delivers a speech filled with inspiration, but also backed up with evidence and science will show the roles women had in past civilizations and how today’s patriarchal society will soon be part of the past.

This speech is sure to empower women to become passionate leaders and inspire men to help us achieve true equality in all aspects.

THE INFLUENTIAL LEADER – The Exciting New Rules of Transformational Leadership, Online Marketing and Business.

With influencer marketing booming in the digital sphere, the rule books on marketing, leadership and business are being re-written. For your organization or business to flourish in the 21st century and not be left behind, your leaders, managers and coaches will have to learn and apply the new rules.

This speech explains how Generation Z is changing the way we lead, market and do business.

Backed with the most current and substantial research on behavioural psychology and technological evolution, this speech will revolutionize the way you lead and influence.

FREEDOM UNLEASHED – The Secrets To Living a Life of Time, Location, Financial and Inner Freedom.

Freedom is our birthright but unfortunately most people do not live lives of freedom. In this speech, Alexandra goes through the 5 pillars of FREEDOM explaining how to achieve the inner and outer freedom everyone deserves.

Your audience will leave motivated but mostly ready to take actions, armed with the right tools and strategies to begin creating the free life they deserve.


If you ask Alexandra what is her #1 talent, she will answer: story telling. She’s spent the last 10 years sharing her story in her AlexandraTV episodes, book, conferences, articles, programs and courses. She will surely move and uplift your audience with her inspiring and relatable stories.


Alexandra is a perfectionist and believes that you should always give your 100%. She will make sure the material she presents is nothing less than high quality, excellent, and world-class.


Her young energy and warmth radiate powerfully. She captivates rooms full of people and commands the attention of both men and women. Her passion for what she does shows in her speeches, and her multi-cultural background (raised in an Hispanic family, while going to French schools, in an English neighbourhood in Montreal) allows her to understand and relate to people coming from all types of backgrounds.


Alexandra is thrilled and honoured to be part of your event and wants to let the world know about it. If you ask her, she will gladly share information about your event on her social media platforms (over 200k followers) or even in her weekly A.V.A. Newsletters sent out to her list of 70k subscribers.

5. She’s A Woman

There are not enough female leaders in the speaking industry, just like there are not enough female leaders in any industry. This has to change. Alexandra is used to holding her own at events whether they are female or masculine dominated. Her presence is very strong and powerful and will definitely diversify your event.

6. She’s Fluently Trilingual

Being trilingual makes Alexandra a great choice if your audience is multilingual. She will engage with them by using anecdotes and fun comparisons. Alexandra can even easily translate what she says on the spot whether it be in English, French or Spanish.

7. Tailored Content and Speeches

Even though Alexandra has staple speeches, she is always open to creating a powerful, informative and compelling speech for your event. She understands that a speech is a learning experience meant to add great value to your audience, therefore she always tailors her content to impact and transform your audience in the most positive way possible.

8. You’re Making A Difference

Alexandra is in it for the right reasons. Through her work, she wants to make this world a better place. Through her words, she wants to raise and uplift the energies of this world. She understands that it’s not about her, it’s about truly creating a better future for humanity. This is why a portion of your investment will go to help empower and educate girls and women everywhere. We know that when girls and women are empowered and educated, everyone wins.

9. Deeply Moving and Inspiring

At the end of every speech, there are always audience members in tears who come to speak to Alexandra, thanking her for the moving and inspiring stories she shares, stories that many can relate too. The Science of Learning shows that humans learn on an emotional level which is why Alexandra always makes sure she impacts not only the minds, but also the hearts of people.

10. Actionable Strategies

At the age of only 30 years old, Alexandra has managed to build a global coaching empire, helping millions of people in all continents of the world. She is the real deal when it comes to taking action and creating quantum leaps towards the life and business you want. On stage, she always shares her best actionable strategies so that your audience can leave not only inspired but also ready to implement those strategies in their life or business.